Physics Cartoons by Mark Parisi presents cartoons
by Mark Parisi
author of the series: off the mark.

CARTOONS by Mark Parisi
We must say that the most pleasant job we had, for quite some time, was to review Mark Parisi's cartoons and make a decision on which ones to include here. We were laughing our guts out for days!

In his cartoons he somehow manages to capture that timeless moment where the weirdness of this world collides with human comprehension of it. The body and facial expressions of his characters are just delightful and are bound to tickle your funny bone.

His cartoons extend beyond the subject of science, so if you like what you see on this page, visit the off the mark web site to see more cartoons and to buy his new book.
ABOUT Mark Parisi

When Mark was born on a New England evening in 1961, the attending physician supposedly mentioned seeing doodles on the uterus wall, but this remains unconfirmed.

After many odd jobs and a degree from Salem State College in graphic design, Mark felt he had two marketable skills: cartooning and grocery bagging. He decided to choose cartooning, even though it didn't pay as well. With influences ranging from Charles Schulz, Mad Magazine and, more obviously, Gary Larson, he started his off the mark comic panel. And, strangely enough, his wife encouraged him.

Today, he splits his time between being hunched over a drawing table and helping to raise his young daughter.

off the mark runs in over 100 newspapers and has spawned a line of greeting cards, T-shirts, and some other weird stuff.

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CARTOON by Mark Parisi

This looks familiar, ha ha ha ...

CARTOON by Mark Parisi

I wonder if Sir Isaac Newton had a cat pet?

CARTOON by Mark Parisi

A fresh perspective ...

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